Sealord Caistor Ltd is the UK arm of Sealord New Zealand, which is a fish processing concern jointly owned by the Maori people (Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd) and the Japanese company Nippon Suisan.

The company has been established in the UK at its Lincolnshire site in Caistor (15 miles from Grimsby) since 1996 and has recently opened a new fish processing facility at its existing Caistor site.

Sealord Caistor began processing at its new $7m (£3.2m) plant in Lincolnshire in January 2007, employing an additional 40 personnel to bring the total workforce to 200. The plant was officially opened by the Rt Hon Jonathan Hunt (The New Zealand High Commissioner to Britain) at the end of April 2007.

Sealord Caistor Ltd supplies all of Waitrose’s white fish stock and helped the supermarket win the Seafood Retailer of the Year Award in 2007.

In  October 2010, Sealord Caistor Ltd became the fifth member of the Grimsby Traditional Fish Smokers Group, allowing them to proudly display the logo of the Protected Geographical Indication. Sealord utilise the traditional smokehouses of Keith Graham Ltd to produce their authentic product. Much of the fish processed is flown in directly from Reykjavik in Iceland almost every day within two days of being caught.

Sealord has its home base in New Zealand where it promotes careful and sustainable fish harvesting. The company has international business in Australasia, Asia, Europe and the Americas able to source, process and market about 220,000t of fish and shellfish a year, marketing a range of over 1,500 products.

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