Mark Wheatley with Prime Minister David Cameron

GH Abernethie Ltd was established on the pontoon area of Grimsby Docks in the 1930s by GH Abernethie and was then handed down to his son, Richard. To start a business during this time was risky and certainly towards the end of the decade and into the next decade, through the Second World War, things proved to be very trying.

In the 1950s, Richard Abernethie formed a partnership with Arthur Wheatley to both build on and develop the foundations of the business. An opportunity arose in the 1960s for Arthur Wheatley to purchase the business in its entirety when Richard Abernethie moved to Australia.

Family ownership continued when Arthur’s son, Mark, joined the company in 1972 and subsequently took over the business in 1985, invigorating it with a young energetic approach. Mark continues to steer the company forward whilst enhancing the traditional process responsible for the unique quality of Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish.

Fish curing remains the core business. The company can traditionally smoke 1500kg (3300 lbs, or 235 Stone) of fish each day. Although the value of GH Abernethie is not only in its fish curing, but also the wet side of the business which caters for both the fishmonger and the wholesaler with a large selection of wet fish.

GH Abernethie is proud to be part of the GTFS Group and the achievement of the high accolade of the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). The company regards this as an affirmation of the care that goes into their preservation of the traditional smoking process.

To learn more about GH Abernethie Ltd please visit:

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