The Grimsby Traditional Fish Smokers Group is made up of five companies from the Grimsby Fish Docks who specialise in producing the unique and authentic taste of Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish, the regions most prestigious delicacy.

This delicacy is, normally, a good sized fillet of quality cod or haddock, usually undyed, with a cream to beige colour, produced purely by the overnight smoking in tall chimneys, which also gives the fish a dry texture and appealing aroma.

The GTFS Group is dedicated to the preservation of the distinct set of traditional skills, practiced over 150 years, that produce Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish.

At the end of 2009 this dedication was recognised by the European Union which awarded Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

This was awarded because of the time honoured natural slow smoking process used and nurtured by the Grimsby Traditional Fish Smokers Group. Only this method produces the distinct aroma and full flavour which is the hallmark of Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish. It is the 39th PGI awarded in the UK and one of only four awarded to seafood. This unique product now joins an exclusive group of fine foods across Europe, all of which maintain the greatest quality and integrity of food production.

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