The Grimsby Traditional Fish Smokers Group is dedicated to preserving the heritage and quality of traditional smoked fish. Please explore this website to learn more about what we do.

Sustainable Fisheries

Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish is sourced from well managed, recognised sustainable fisheries in the North East Atlantic.

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About us

The Grimsby Traditional Fish Smokers Group is made up of Producers who meet the high quality criteria necessary to legally produce Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish and who are licensed to use the PGI logo.

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Our Smoking Method

Our fish is smoked in authentic smokehouses using a traditional production method handed down and refined over generations. In 2009 Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish was awarded a Protected Geographical Indication from the European Union. This means that only fish produced in Grimsby using the traditional method can be called Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish.

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The Best Recipes

Visit our Recipes Section and discover how best to cook Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish. We have put together a list of our favourite recipes all of which have been described in detail by top seafood experts so you can be sure to get the best flavours and taste from your Grimsby Traditional Smoked Fish.

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We source our fish from Recognised Sustainable Fisheries in the North East Atlantic. It is this rich supply of good quality and line caught sustainably acquired fish that allows Grimsby Traditional Fish Smokers to maintain both their guarantee of excellent taste and their support for marine conservation.

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